From start-up businesses to long established organisations, we can provide you with input and support to help your organisation grow successfully. Alongside NED services we can offer Executive Coaching of Board members and Business Coaching for other staff. Together,  this provides independent input and scrutiny and helps your executives and other staff grow through Coaching. If payments are relevant then we can also act as Subject Matter Experts to benefit your income flow.

This combination makes us different from most NEDs and Coaches. A difference which we believe can only be beneficial to you and your company.

We see coaching as a creative process; as a means of helping an individual or an organisation (and it's leaders) establish how to change, grow and innovate for the benefit of themselves or their organisation. In turn this also has to be for the benefit of their staff, customers, suppliers, shareholders and ultimately the planet. At both the corporate and individual level, we see Growth and Innovation as key.

We work with:

  • Organisations large, small and brand new
  • Individuals and teams from board level down
  • NEDs; established, new and aspiring
  • Entrepreneurs, founders and innovators
  • Executives and managers looking at career change
  • Those who are sure there is a better way doing things but can't currently define what that is or how to get there

The Association for Coaching defines coaching as a facilitated, dialogic and reflective learning process that aims to grow the individuals (or teams) awareness, responsibility and choice (thinking and behavioural). They further say that coaching is now the number 1 professional development favoured from corporation to entrepreneur to achieve their cultural, business and related priorities.

What this does not mention is the eye-opening awareness of an insight or a breakthrough. The feeling of "wow"; of enlightenment and empowerment that coaching can produce. It's these moments that enable our clients to see the way forward for themselves and/or their organisations.

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