Please note we are currently re-designing our courses. The information on this page provides only a generalised overview.

Our courses are primarily for business people at all managerial and executive levels, though they can and have been successfully provided to other staff, performance artists and individuals. These are currently run online only. We normally also offer face-to-face courses.

All courses are designed as one-to-one; tailored to meet the needs of the individual concerned. Having said that, both Voice Coaching and Presentation Skills can be run as small groups at the introductory level.

Business English for non-native English Speakers is only offered on a one-to-one basis as this has to be aligned with the individual being trained, their knowledge and rate of progress.

Presentation Skills

For many people the idea of presenting is daunting. Simply standing in front of an audience - no matter what size - can be scary. However, the fact is we are presenting all the time. Every meeting, every phone call, every chat in an office corridor, every Zoom or Skype call (It can be argued that when working online, presentation skills are even more in important in getting your message across). So if we can handle these ones OK, how come we have difficulty with a formal presentation? Preparedness and confidence, or rather a lack of them, are usually the main reasons. And with preparedness, comes confidence.

Level 1 - Introduction

In our introductory three and a half hour course, we first get to know your presenting skills via you creating a short presentation and then giving it. We then take you through:
  • the fundamentals of putting your presentation together - whether PowerPoint, whiteboard, flip chart. And whether face to face or online.
  • order and layout
  • winning content
  • the principles of presenting
  • working the audience
  • practice

Level 2 - Advanced

This is a one-to-one course that focusses on the specific needs of the attendee.

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Voice Coaching

Voice coaching is about making the best use of your voice to command respect in a meeting, entertain an audience, negotiate successfully. Our half day introduction course discusses the principles behind using your voice, explores technique and provides an opportunity to practice and for feedback. This course can be run on a one-to-one basis or for a fairly small group. The Advanced course is very much one-to-one and typically consists of 30 minute sessions over a few weeks or on demand.

To get in touch, please contact us, email at or phone on +44 (0) 5603 688 194

Business English

This course is tailored to the needs of the individual. As such, it can only be offered one-to-one.

Level and Needs

The very first step is establishing the needs of the attendee and their current level of ability. The latter of these is by online interaction with one of our trainers. The outcome of needs and ability set the required start and end levels and  likely duration of the training.

Residential or Online

In more normal times, we offer the option of residential or online. Our one or two week residential course is where the attendee stays in the UK and is immersed in English all the time. This residential section can be optionally followed by online exercises, both written and spoken. Unfortunately, the residential course cannot currently be made available. The online course focusses on offline reading, writing and answering questions by the attendee in their own time, coupled with online (Zoom / Skype) interactions with our trainer. These involve a wide range activities including feedback, critiques, conversation, presenting and more.

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