design & photography

web design, hosting and support

We build responsive, fully content managed websites, uniquely designed to our client's brief and utilising the WordPress framework.

Every project follows a standard process:

  • The project starts with conversations between the client and ourselves, to generate a Brief that fits the needs of the client.
  • From there, we produce a site outline showing the structure of the site and the content. Together with the client, we modify this as needed to reach a final map.
  • We then develop and build the site, keeping the client fully aware of the status and providing client only access to the site as it's developed.
  • The final stage is delivery to the client and go live. At every stage of the process our client has access to our team and the build in progress. Feedback and input is always welcomed to ensure the understanding between our client and ourselves is maintained.

As sites are fully content managed, our clients have the means of updating the content on their site themselves, should they so choose. Alternatively we can do this on their behalf. We also offer website hosting, SSL (secure site) and domain registration

We offer a package with a monthly payment plan and enhanced support; ideal for clients who don't have the time or inclination manage their brochure site themselves:

  • Site design and build
  • Site content updates (if required)
  • Automatic backups
  • Basic SEO on an ongoing basis
  • Google Analytics (if required)
  • Domain registration (in the client's name)
  • Website Hosting and SSL

Recent example sites include:

If you like what you see, please contact us, email at or phone on +44 (0) 5603 688 194

print design and supply

Brochures, manuals, newsletters... even in our increasingly online world, these still have a relevance. High quality printed materials can give your brand a boost and impress your clients. We have designed a very wide range of materials over the years, for both digital print and offset lithography and from stand alone to inclusion in periodicals and catalogues. Below are a few examples

if you want to talk about print, please contact us, email at or phone on +44 (0) 5603 688 194

portrait, portfolio & event photography

Our business photographic services cover three main areas; portrait, portfolio and events. These are outlined below. For a more complete set of photographic services, please visit

High quality headshots and portraits are important aspects of your image - personal or business. A poor photo on LinkedIn, your company site or anywhere you have contributed articles, posts and comments may not have a positive impact. We utilise a mobile studio we bring to you at your office, factory or home. We have a good range of high quality studio lighting equipment including flash heads, brollies, reflectors and softboxes plus a number of backdrops to choose from.

Shoot duration varies considerably with your requirements but can take as little as an hour when photographing a number of people. The setup / breakdown time can be longer than the actual shoot itself. After the shoot, we post-process all good images which are uploaded at low resolution to a private, password protected webpage. You can then choose the images(s) you want, any further processing you desire and we supply the resulting images.

Portfolio work follows the same pattern as headshots with a couple of exceptions. We may need to use a special location (eg a gym, hall, dance studio or artist studio) and we may need to use very specialised lighting techniques. Both of these can impact cost and time.

Events, whether casual or formal, large or small also have a couple of differences. For example, at a formal event you might want posed photos on a backdrop. At an informal event you might want more casual shots of the guests at table or chatting to each other. The other point is that the bigger the event, the longer and more effort the shoot and consequently the greater the cost.

Whether you are interested in head shots, portfolio work or events, do please contact us or phone on +44 (0) 5603 688 194 or email to discuss your requirements. A no commitment conversation can help you decide what you want (and where you want it) and also highlight ways of containing costs and maximising the output.